A list of dog friendly beaches to explore with your best friend.

Going to the beach is fun, but going with your pet can be funtastic! Especially if its their first time running with the waves. Lets just say thats where memories are made! You can walk along a beach walk pretty much anywhere, or take beautiful sunset walks at the harbor.  But getting your pet on […]

Simple, Effective Moving Tips for Pet Owners

moving tips for owners

It’s no secret that moving to a new home can be stressful. And when you have Fido in tow, the experience can be outright overwhelming.  Pets tend to become anxious with change, and moving to a new living environment is about as drastic for them as it gets. This means that you must consider their […]

Foods that ARE SAFE to give that party pup attending the barbecue…..

Here are some foods your pet can safely eat.. Watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, and apples. These are all safe fruits to eat. Any exotic fruits or melons be sure to check with your veterinarian or poison control. No grapes or raisins! What’s on the veggie tray?  Unsalted green beans, broccoli and baby […]

Staying Ahead Of The Shed During Spring And Summer Months.

pet shedding

What we all know is dogs shed. But depending on the breed and health of the dog, the amount of shedding may vary. Most dogs during the winter will develop a thick winter coat and start shedding it as of Spring.  Some dogs may shed throughout the year. So how do you stay ahead of […]

AI, how new technology can help save endangered animals.

AI cameras are on the move! And they are ready to help save endangered animals. Artificial Intelligence has really come a long way.  Researchers are able to load images to help identify animals and their human predators, making it possible to identify in real time when they are in danger. Endangered animals like elephants or […]

Owning a pet AND keeping a clean home….exploring the pawssibilities.

Keeping a clean home with pets

When making changes to your lifestyle sometimes you need to make adjustments. This same rule applies when bringing a pet into your home.  And if you already have a four legged family member, you know it’s never too late to start. Pets are a great addition to the home adding exercise, love, fun, laughter, and […]

Keep in mind its rattlesnake season! Safety tips for home and hiking…

Hiking and rattlesnake safety

Hiking is fun, But keep in mind, it’s rattle snake season! Be aware of your surroundings. Always have a plan in case of emergency. When hiking stay on trails, and avoid walking through tall grass. Always step on top of logs, not around them. When hiking with a dog, have an emergency Dog Carry Harness, […]

Spring Into Action! Prevent Fleas, Heartworm, And Parasites!

Spring fleas and parasites

Fun in the sun also means protection. Many different products to help prevent fleas, ticks, and parasites have been formulated over the years to fit your dog or cats lifestyle.  So remember to do your research. The sun is out, and we know you’re all itching to get out there and play.  But remember to […]

A closer look at dentals, anesthesia, and your pet….

dentals anesthesia and pets

Don’t wait until dental month to be concerned…Have you looked at your pets teeth lately??? Well lets start there! Be proactive, take a peek every once in a while, and get to know the signs.  Bad breath alone, could be a clear sign that something could be wrong.  That it just might be time to […]

Hills releases new diet for pets with cancer

New diet for pets fighting cancer to be released in March of this year. This new diet is said to stimulate appetite and increase food intake. As we know cancer can be a very tough fight, and nutrition is important during that long road to recovery.  Chemo treatments as well as feeling ill can cause […]

Common Holiday Foods Unsafe For Pets…

unsafe foods for pets

Common holiday foods unsafe for pets… *Alcohol- can lead to coma or death *Bones- Stomach lacerations or death *Avocado- Diarrhea *Raisins- Can cause kidney failure, which can lead to death *Dairy- Diarrhea, illness *Mushrooms- Death *Caffeine- Toxic to the heart and nervous system which could lead to death. *Walnuts/macadamias- Can cause damage to the nervous […]

Non-Toxic plants for your reptile terrarium.

Decorating your terrarium with plants creates a beautiful look. But remember your reptile may chew and possibly ingest some of those plants. You can go with fake plants, but sometimes they ingest those too. Be cautious if you see those disappearing. And always check with your veterinarian if theres ever a change in appetite or […]

Traveling with a cat can be done, with a little patience and the right cat….

This may sound strange, and most cats might hiss and spit  at the idea. But with patience and much training it can be done.  Some say certain breeds can adapt to traveling better than others, and that’s true.  A very calm relaxed cat will adapt to a new environment a lot quicker and easier. When searching for […]

Pet safety through the month of October!

Halloween safety tips… Store your candy in a safe spot, sealed and AWAY from your pets. Candy is tasty to everyone including pets and that can be VERY dangerous. Chocolate is known to be toxic, especially dark.  And people rarely suspect hard candy or gum to be a threat, but they can be…Sugar free candy […]

Separation Anxiety in Cats.

Separation Anxiety in Cats

We often think cats are very independent, but they are in fact very social animals. They love playtime and being around others. So they too can develop separation anxiety. It may be hard to believe, but cats can be very sensitive to change just like dogs. Change to them can be something as little as […]

The Health benefits of pumpkin, and introducing it to your pet….

This Fall while throwing together some of your favorite pumpkin pie recipes, or making plans for pumpkin carving,  here’s some food for thought…. Pumpkins are said to be a kind of superfood, with great health benefits.for both you and your pet. Yes, pumpkin, when given correctly,  is very safe for pets. That being said, you […]

Be safe while hitting the beach with your four legged friend…

pets on the beach

As it warms up, many of you are wanting to hit the beach with your four legged friend. Me too! Do keep in mind there are rules… Leash laws, dog license, pick up after your pet etc. Know the beach to which you are going, and abide by the rules to help keep these areas […]

Over ten cheap and easy ways to keep pets cool on hot Summer days.

During extreme temperatures, its always best to keep your pet inside, in an air conditioned room if possible. If your pet must be outdoors, make sure they have a place to go to get away from the heat.  And have cold water accessible at all times. Pets are family.  Here are some quick reminders to […]

California Wildfires- How to help, and keep your neighborhood safe…

Wildfire Safety

I know all too well what it is to flee from fire. Running with three dogs and a cat from the Lilac fire back in 2017,  I’ve learned you really need to be prepared. Always plan ahead for your family and pets. Have a kennel with accessories such as harness, food, and bowls readily available […]

Downsizing With a Pet? Here’s How to Go About It

Moving, downsizing with pets

The decision to downsize brings various benefits such as lower utility costs, higher cash flow, and ease of upkeep. But, for your pet, moving to a smaller home can prove to be a challenge, that is unless you are moving to San Diego, California. Why? The reason is simple; San Diego is a pet’s paradise. […]

3 Tips for Turning Your Love of Animals Into Your Career

animals and your career

For many, spending day after day in a job they don’t love is the norm, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your life should be spent engaged in doing the things you are passionate about, and for many, that passion is their love of animals. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own […]

Common Plants That Could Be Toxic To Pets.

common plants toxic to pets

Spring is filled with bright new colors.  And whether you’re gardening or hiking you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by some new blooms.  As a pet owner you probably already know that pets like to chew.  So to prevent any illness, make sure the plants you have around your home and yard are safe.  Everybody […]

How To Keep Your Dog Cool When the Temps Rise

keeping dogs cool

When it comes to experiencing the four seasons in California anything goes. In fact, it can get warm anytime of the year, even in mid-winter! Nevertheless, your dog will still need walks, but remember that while you can dress down to shorts and a t-shirt, your companion still has on that permanent fur coat. That’s why […]

Allergies? Why baffle when you can just fix the itch with a simple drug?

We’ve learned that steroids long term can be bad, and then we turned to Apoquel, the “miracle” drug for allergies.  But have you looked at the package insert or done a little research? This is an immune suppressant that in order to work must be given daily. I remember when this drug was new to […]

Hanukkah pet safety

Hanukkah or the Festival Of Lights is a time for family celebrations, along with food and gifts.  Remember to keep things safe when pets are around. Keep the food out of reach. There are so many foods to enjoy during the eight nights of Hanukkah. Don’t let some of them ruin your joyous occasion with […]

Fidomingle Favorites-Affordable Gifts Both You And Your Pet Will Love!

Affordable pet gifts

Fidomingle list of ten Amazon favorites for CATS…… Temptations is a snack favorite, the cats will always come running! Smartykat catnip mice The Feather Cat Teaser The Cat Dancer rainbow charmer Keep kitty happy with the Purr Pillow that actually purrs to relieve stress and add night time comfort. The self rotating detachable ball or feather chaser (battery operated) by […]