Separation Anxiety in Cats.

Separation Anxiety in Cats

We often think cats are very independent, but they are in fact very social animals. They love playtime and being around others. So they too can develop separation anxiety. It may be hard to believe, but cats can be very sensitive to change just like dogs. Change to them can be something as little as […]

FidoMingle Favorites- Affordable Gifts Both You And Your Pet Will Love.

Affordable pet gifts

We’ve picked out ten of our favorites this year for pets and pet lovers. Chewy has great Black Friday deals, up to half off on items.  If you can’t decide on what to get, you can’t go wrong with a cute holiday goody box!  Get one for either dog or cat For dog play, there’s […]

Cats have close to 300 facial expressions research study says.


While we can point out some, research says cats have close to 300 facial expressions. We’ve learned to notice when a cat is noticeably angry, but what about the many other expressions your cat makes. Researchers studied the facial  muscle movements in over 50 cats recorded at a cat cafe in Los Angeles. The face […]

The Health benefits of pumpkin, and introducing it to your pet….

This Fall while throwing together some of your favorite pumpkin pie recipes, or making plans for pumpkin carving,  here’s some food for thought…. Pumpkins are said to be a kind of superfood, with great health benefits.for both you and your pet. Yes, pumpkin, when given correctly,  is very safe for pets. That being said, you […]

Be prepared, and pet ready, in case of emergency!

Emergencies and evacuations don’t always allow time for you to gather your things. Have a plan in place for both you AND your pets. Have a travel bag ready. Clear bags are best as you can see everything in a pinch. Spare leads water bowl, poop bags, medications. food,  and treats. Keep important records in a […]

The tail wagging Hollywood stars we mustn’t forget….

Rin Tin Tin has his own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Still there for all the fans who remember and cherish the memories. Rin Tin Tin appeared in 27 Hollywood films gaining attention worldwide. His first starring role was in 1923, “Where the North Begins.” The film did so well, it’s said to […]

Purrs of Healing: How Cats Can Support Your Journey to Sobriety

  In the arduous voyage towards addiction recovery, many seek innovative and powerful wellsprings of comfort and motivation. One such life-changing source that tends to be undervalued is the companionship of a cat.  Cats can play a far-reaching role in sobriety, touching on aspects from establishing routine to boosting self-esteem. FidoMingle unearths the compelling mechanisms […]

Pet safety through the month of October!

Halloween safety tips… Store your candy in a safe spot, sealed and AWAY from your pets. Candy is tasty to everyone including pets and that can be VERY dangerous. Chocolate is known to be toxic, especially dark.  And people rarely suspect hard candy or gum to be a threat, but they can be…Sugar free candy […]

A closer look at dentals, anesthesia, and your pet….

dentals anesthesia and pets

Don’t wait until dental month to be concerned…Have you looked at your pets teeth lately??? Well lets start there! Be proactive, take a peek every once in a while, and get to know the signs.  Bad breath alone, could be a clear sign that something could be wrong.  That it just might be time to […]

Pumpkin Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Treats 2 ½ cups whole wheat flour or rice flour 2 large eggs ½ cup canned pumpkin  (pure pumpkin puree NOT PIE FILLING) 2 tablespoons peanut butter (NO PEANUT BUTTER WITH XYLITOL) ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon water, or more if necessary (Optional) Instructions Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl, Adding enough water to work with hands, and roll out […]

Training is so important for your dogs happiness. Helpful tips and where to get started…

Training dogs

The more training your dog has, the more freedom he or she will have. And freedom brings more walks, parks, beaches, and many fun adventures. Group training is great for puppies!  There are so many available classes.  Information can be obtained from pet stores such as Petco, boarding facilities, groomers, and veterinary clinics. Training brochures […]

Wild Cats are just not the act they used to be on the Vegas Strip.

Wild Cat acts have been moving off the Vegas strip.  A good thing for the sake of these big cats. For years PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) had protests outside of venues with wild animals acts on the strip.  And it looks like they’ve finally come out on top. The last of […]

Each year more pets are flying first class.

Each year more pets are flying first class as commercial airlines become more difficult. According to Robb Report “Vista Jet reported an 86 percent jump in pet travel from September 2019 through September 2021. The company’s pet-passenger manifest is mostly dogs but also includes birds and even rabbits; cat travel, meanwhile, rose 357 percent from 2019 […]

Tips for traveling with your pet, on the road or in the air….

Traveling with pets

Heading out on vacation?  Or maybe traveling with your pet for the holidays? Make sure you pack a bag for the pooch! This makes it so much easier to find things in a pinch. And most important, be sure to pack enough water for both you and your friend. The Traveltainer is great for both keeping […]

Affordable travel litter boxes for the “on the go” cat.

Does your cat travel? Some cats like to travel, and yes they can get used to using litter boxes elsewhere. A cat going to the vet of course doesn’t go well.  Animals remember, so a vet experience is not a good example when it comes to traveling. But a cat that has actually traveled to […]

White House Dog Bites 10 Times In 4 Months.

When getting a dog, first and foremost YOU are responsible for that dog. The media has run wild since the New York Post first reported on the incidents involving president Bidens dog Commander. As the reports surface, more people are wondering if this was something that the Secret Service has been trying to cover up. For […]

The Aging Cat, Vitamins, Supplements, And The Appropriate Diet.

Keep your cat aging gracefully with the appropriate vitamins and diets. Its not as hard as one might think, just takes a little research and guidance. Some dry diets are too dry, some canned diets are too moist.  Knowing the right diet for your cat would be to check with your veterinarian first. Every cat […]

Dog Treat Trucks To Watch For This Summer.

I scream, you scream…. the dog screams for ice cream? That’s right, theres nothing more exciting than seeing an ice cream truck on a summer day, So why not one that’s just as exciting for your dog. From frozen yogurt, to fast food, and even collars and leads, some of these trucks have got your […]

The elderly and pets- Finding health and happiness with a four legged friend.

finding pets for the elderly

Cats and dogs make great companions for seniors.  Although the type of pet really depends on both environment and personality.  Environment is important when it comes to how big and how active the pet, and how one might care for the pets needs. Does this pet prefer indoors to outdoors? Will the pet need a […]

Job placement for the working cat….who knew!?

Shop cats have been around for years, and as more business’ like breweries are learning the value of having a cat around, more cats are in demand. Thats when New York City’s Hard Hat Cats gets involved. A non profit matching cats with business owners This non-profit is able to provide New York City breweries […]

How To Keep Your Dog Cool When the Temps Rise

keeping dogs cool

When it comes to experiencing the four seasons in California anything goes. In fact, it can get warm anytime of the year, even in mid-winter! Nevertheless, your dog will still need walks, but remember that while you can dress down to shorts and a t-shirt, your companion still has on that permanent fur coat. That’s why […]

3 Tips for Turning Your Love of Animals Into Your Career

animals and your career

For many, spending day after day in a job they don’t love is the norm, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your life should be spent engaged in doing the things you are passionate about, and for many, that passion is their love of animals. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own […]

Pets And Preparing For The Fourth Of July.

There are many things to consider when preparing for the 4th of July. How will your pet react to the loud thunderous booms? How secure is your home? Is your pet microchipped? Some of you may already know and have used methods such as sedatives, loud music, or simply just staying home to offer comfort. […]

A list of dog friendly beaches to explore with your best friend.

Going to the beach is fun, but going with your pet can be funtastic! Especially if its their first time running with the waves. Lets just say thats where memories are made! You can walk along a beach walk pretty much anywhere, or take beautiful sunset walks at the harbor.  But getting your pet on […]

Simple, Effective Moving Tips for Pet Owners

moving tips for owners

It’s no secret that moving to a new home can be stressful. And when you have Fido in tow, the experience can be outright overwhelming.  Pets tend to become anxious with change, and moving to a new living environment is about as drastic for them as it gets. This means that you must consider their […]

Foods that ARE SAFE to give that party pup attending the barbecue…..

Here are some foods your pet can safely eat.. Watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, and apples. These are all safe fruits to eat. Any exotic fruits or melons be sure to check with your veterinarian or poison control. No grapes or raisins! What’s on the veggie tray?  Unsalted green beans, broccoli and baby […]