California Wildfires- How to help, and keep your neighborhood safe…

I know all too well what it is to flee from fire. Running with three dogs and a cat from the Lilac fire back in 2017,  I’ve learned you really need to be prepared. Always plan ahead for your family and pets. Have a kennel with accessories such as harness, food, and bowls readily available […]

Downsizing With a Pet? Here’s How to Go About It

The decision to downsize brings various benefits such as lower utility costs, higher cash flow, and ease of upkeep. But, for your pet, moving to a smaller home can prove to be a challenge, that is unless you are moving to San Diego, California. Why? The reason is simple; San Diego is a pet’s paradise. […]

Staying Ahead Of The Shed During Spring And Summer Months.

What we all know is dogs shed. But depending on the breed and health of the dog, the amount of shedding may vary. Most dogs during the winter will develop a thick winter coat and start shedding it as of Spring.  Some dogs may shed throughout the year. So how do you stay ahead of […]

3 Tips for Turning Your Love of Animals Into Your Career

For many, spending day after day in a job they don’t love is the norm, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your life should be spent engaged in doing the things you are passionate about, and for many, that passion is their love of animals. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own […]

Know How To Spot Common Plants That Could Be Toxic To Pets.

Spring is filled with bright new colors.  And whether you’re gardening or hiking you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by some new blooms.  As a pet owner you probably already know that pets like to chew.  So to prevent any illness, make sure the plants you have around your home and yard are safe.  Everybody […]

Keep Your Dog Cool When the Temps Rise

When it comes to experiencing the four seasons in California anything goes. In fact, it can get warm anytime of the year, even in mid-winter! Nevertheless, your dog will still need walks, but remember that while you can dress down to shorts and a t-shirt, your companion still has on that permanent fur coat. That’s why […]

Tips For Starting A Business While Also Becoming A Pet Parent

Photo Credit: Starting your own business offers many benefits. According to National Funding, one of the biggest advantages of becoming a small business owner is the flexibility it brings. For example, if you want to get a pet, having the freedom to work from home can help you achieve this dream. Read on for […]

Southern California Animal Shelters

Inyo/Mono County Inyo County Animal Shelter – Big Pine County Road, Big Pine CA 93513 (760) 938-2715 ICARE: P.O. Box 76, Bishop, CA 93515 (760) 872-3802 Kern County Delano Police Department Animal Control 1022 12th Ave. Delano, CA (661) 721-3377 ext. 450 Bakersfield SPCA 3000 Gibson St., Bakersfield (661) 323-8353 Bakersfield Animal Shelter 3951 […]

Spring Into Action! Protect Your Pets From Fleas, Heartworm, And Parasites!

Fun in the sun also means protection. Many different products to help prevent fleas, ticks, and parasites have been formulated over the years to fit your dog or cats lifestyle.  So remember to do your research. The sun is out, and we know you’re all itching to get out there and play.  But remember to […]

Spring is on the way! Pet friendly spots in sunny San Diego….

As we near the end of winter its sunny out! Yes the sun is out, BUT there’s still a slight chill in the air so keep warm with a light jacket for both you and your pet if needed. Small dogs can get cold easily, especially by the beach where it’s windy, so taking a […]

California Waterfalls…Beautiful hikes in your own backyard.

Who says you’ve got to go as far as Hawaii to see waterfalls? There might be a paradise in your own backyard. Yes, California has a handful of beautiful waterfalls to see! When hiking with your pet, always do your research ahead of time. Check park websites for fees and guidelines to be safe. When […]

Common Holiday Foods Unsafe For Pets…

Common holiday foods unsafe for pets… *Alcohol- can lead to coma or death *Bones- Stomach lacerations or death *Avocado- Diarrhea *Raisins- Can cause kidney failure, which can lead to death *Dairy- Diarrhea, illness *Mushrooms- Death *Caffeine- Toxic to the heart and nervous system which could lead to death. *Walnuts/macadamias- Can cause damage to the nervous […]

Being a pet owner during Covid -19. How to manage appointments, and travel safely.

If you have tried scheduling your pet for simple vaccines you know what I mean!  During the Covid-19 pandemic there are no longer any stand in line vaccine “clinics” available, which means we all need an appointment  So don’t think your appointment will be scheduled anytime soon.  Call ahead to find out just how pets […]

Holiday travel- Great tips for traveling on the road or in the air….

Traveling with your pet for the holidays? Make sure you pack a bag for the pooch! This makes it so much easier to find things in a pinch. And most important, be sure to pack enough water for both you and your friend. The Traveltainer is great for both keeping and providing water for your pet […]

Keeping pets safe through the month of October!

Halloween safety tips… Store your candy in a safe spot, sealed and AWAY from your pets. Candy can be dangerous to pets… Chocolate is toxic, especially dark. Sugar free candy or gum containing xylitol is very deadly to pets. Glow sticks are very common around  Halloween and contain a liquid toxic to pets.  Do not […]

Foods that ARE SAFE to give that party pup attending the barbecue…..

Here are some foods your pet can safely eat.. Watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, and apples. These are all safe fruits to eat. Any exotic fruits or melons be sure to check with your veterinarian or poison control. No grapes or raisins! What’s on the veggie tray?  Unsalted green beans, broccoli and baby […]

Fat Cats: Do You Need a Trust for your Pets?

What kind of pet owner are you? Are you the kind whose dog lives in a “doggy mansion” and goes on regular spa weekends? Is your dog impeccably groomed, having been treated to weekly pawdicures while sipping cucumber infused filtered water? Or perhaps you have created a “catio” for your cat so that he can […]

How to prepare for the hot days ahead!!!

Stay hydrated and keep your pets safe! San Diego has some Cool Zones and great info on how to beat the heat. And Fidomingle gives Over 10 Cheap And Easy Ways To Beat The Heat. How are you keeping cool?  We’d love to know!!  

Over ten cheap and easy ways to keep pets cool during the hot Summer days.

During extreme temperatures, its always best to keep your pet inside, in an air conditioned room if possible. If your pet must be outdoors, make sure they have a place to go to get away from the heat.  And have cold water accessible at all times. Pets are family.  Here are some quick reminders to […]

Keep in mind its rattlesnake season! Safety tips for home and hiking…

Hiking is fun, But keep in mind, it’s rattle snake season! Be aware of your surroundings. Always have a plan in case of emergency. When hiking stay on trails, and avoid walking through tall grass. Always step on top of logs, not around them. When hiking with a dog, have an emergency Dog Carry Harness, […]