Nomadic Paws: A Seamless Transition to a Digital Nomad Life with Your Pet

Starting your journey as a digital nomad offers an exhilarating blend of challenges and rewards, especially when you bring your pet along.  To navigate this lifestyle effectively, thorough preparation is crucial to meet your needs and your pet’s. Such attention to detail ensures the experience remains enjoyable and sustainable for both of you. Considering both […]

Crush that doggy boredom with easy enrichment activities.

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. Getting your dog into a daily routine, or giving them “dog jobs”, fun outings, or smart toys to play with, are all part of fulfilling your dogs life. Keeping the boredom out, will in turn reward you with good dog behavior. When dogs are bored they find […]

Dogs love tacos, and what a healthy treat!

Tacos are healthy. Tacos are high in protein and low in fat. They also have lots of fiber making them easy to digest. What’s in your dogs taco? You can treat your dog to tacos using lean ground beef cooked in a tablespoon of coconut oil. No seasoning.  As spice can  sometimes lead to diarrhea. […]

A list of dog friendly beaches to explore, from San Diego to LA.

Going to the beach is fun, but going with your pet can be funtastic! Especially if its their first time running with the waves. Lets just say thats where memories are made! You can walk along a beach walk pretty much anywhere, or take beautiful sunset walks at the harbor.  But getting your pet on […]

Smart Decorating, Owning Pets AND A Beautiful Home.

decorating a home with pets

Owning a pet and a beautiful home can be done, with a little planning and creativity. When choosing furniture,  always take into consideration the color of your pets coat.  Black hair won’t go well on white furniture, and white hair won’t go well on black.  So try to keep the color in mind. Always go […]

Keep in mind its rattlesnake season! Safety tips for home and hiking…

Hiking and rattlesnake safety

Hiking is fun, But keep in mind, it’s rattle snake season! Be aware of your surroundings. Always have a plan in case of emergency. When hiking stay on trails, and avoid walking through tall grass. Always step on top of logs, not around them. When hiking with a dog, have an emergency Dog Carry Harness, […]

Adding a cat fountain to your home is a great way to keep your cat hydrated.

We all know that it is important to keep hydrated, especially on warmer days. When a cat’s not drinking enough water, some veterinarians might recommend getting a cat fountain. Fountains have moving water, which is  more enticing, often getting a cat to drink. Cats love fountains for many reasons. Instinct alone will tell them moving […]

Pet friendly spots in sunny San Diego….

Pet friendly San Diego

San Diego is known for it’s sunny days, especially near the end of winter.  And if you’re heading out during the cooler seasons, while the sun may be out, there might still be a slight chill in the air so take a light jacket for both you and your pet. Small dogs can get cold […]

The elderly and pets- Finding health and happiness with a four legged friend.

finding pets for the elderly

Cats and dogs make great companions for seniors.  Although the type of pet really depends on both environment and personality.  Environment is important when it comes to how big and how active the pet, and how one might care for the pets needs. Does this pet prefer indoors to outdoors? Will the pet need a […]

Spring Into Action! Prevent Fleas, Heartworm, And Parasites!

Spring fleas and parasites

Fun in the sun also means protection. Many different products to help prevent fleas, ticks, and parasites have been formulated over the years to fit your dog or cats lifestyle.  So remember to do your research. The sun is out, and we know you’re all itching to get out there and play.  But remember to […]

The Growing Use Of CBD, Pets, The Benefits, And How To Safely Treat.

CBD and pets

Now that CBD (cannabidiol) is available and being sold in stores for so many uses, people are gaining more and more interest.  Pet owners have been sharing stories of how effective it is in treating conditions like stress, back pain, joint relief, seizures, among many other conditions.  But it’s only effective if it’s being used […]

Staying Ahead Of The Shed During Spring And Summer Months.

pet shedding

What we all know is dogs shed. But depending on the breed and health of the dog, the amount of shedding may vary. Most dogs during the winter will develop a thick winter coat and start shedding it as of Spring.  Some dogs may shed throughout the year. So how do you stay ahead of […]

Dog Treat Trucks To Watch For This Summer.

I scream, you scream, the dogs scream for… Treat Trucks? We know theres nothing more exciting than seeing an ice cream truck on a summer day….. EXCEPT maybe seeing a Treat Truck surrounded by dogs instead! So we wanted to share some of these exciting Treat Trucks that will get your dog to come running […]

Warning signs say this swooping bird is not afraid to attack.

Warning signs alert people of the swooping magpie. As we get closer to Spring, we get closer to swooping season. The Australian Magpie is a bird that is known to swoop down and attack if it feels threatened. As Spring begins, so does the swooping. Most often it is because they are protecting the nest, […]

Preventing Mites and Mange…

Mites are HARD to get rid of! Pets with itchy hair loss from mange is unbearable to watch and so hard to get rid of! There are two kinds of mites that can affect dogs. Demodex and sarcoptes. Neither can be seen with the naked eye. These microscopic mites can be identified by a veterinarian […]

3 Tips for Turning Your Love of Animals Into Your Career

animals and your career

For many, spending day after day in a job they don’t love is the norm, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your life should be spent engaged in doing the things you are passionate about, and for many, that passion is their love of animals. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own […]

Know the ABCs of pet insurance… FidoMingle top picks and more.


Know the ABC’s of pet insurance. Know what the company is About…. What do they have to offer? Take the time to learn and choose what type of coverage you want. Preventive care. Such as routine wellness exams, vaccines, flea control, even dental. Accidents. Emergency care needed for treatment of broken bones, dog bites, lacerations, ligament […]

Pet Sitter Safety

pet sitter safety

Emergencies happen, and something said in vet clinics often during the holidays is……”the owners out of town.” Be sure to plan ahead and prepare your pet sitter BEFORE leaving for the holidays. Make sure your pet sitter knows your pets routine, and try to stick with it as best they can.  This will alert them […]

My dog is so healthy, how can he be battling such a terrible illness.

A heart to heart from the author…. When we created FidoMingle, it was meant to have all of us, as pet lovers, share our journeys with our pets. Whether it be long fun filled road trips, best places to go hiking, or favorite cookie recipe.  We always wanted to share the love. So while we […]

Separation Anxiety in Cats.

Separation Anxiety in Cats

We often think cats are very independent, but they are in fact very social animals. They love playtime and being around others. So they too can develop separation anxiety. It may be hard to believe, but cats can be very sensitive to change just like dogs. Change to them can be something as little as […]

FidoMingle Favorites- Affordable Gifts Both You And Your Pet Will Love.

Affordable pet gifts

We’ve picked out ten of our favorites this year for pets and pet lovers. Chewy has great Black Friday deals, up to half off on items.  If you can’t decide on what to get, you can’t go wrong with a cute holiday goody box!  Get one for either dog or cat For dog play, there’s […]

Cats have close to 300 facial expressions research study says.


While we can point out some, research says cats have close to 300 facial expressions. We’ve learned to notice when a cat is noticeably angry, but what about the many other expressions your cat makes. Researchers studied the facial  muscle movements in over 50 cats recorded at a cat cafe in Los Angeles. The face […]

The Health benefits of pumpkin, and introducing it to your pet….

This Fall while throwing together some of your favorite pumpkin pie recipes, or making plans for pumpkin carving,  here’s some food for thought…. Pumpkins are said to be a kind of superfood, with great health benefits.for both you and your pet. Yes, pumpkin, when given correctly,  is very safe for pets. That being said, you […]

Be prepared, and pet ready, in case of emergency!

Emergencies and evacuations don’t always allow time for you to gather your things. Have a plan in place for both you AND your pets. Have a travel bag ready. Clear bags are best as you can see everything in a pinch. Spare leads water bowl, poop bags, medications. food,  and treats. Keep important records in a […]

The tail wagging Hollywood stars we mustn’t forget….

Rin Tin Tin has his own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Still there for all the fans who remember and cherish the memories. Rin Tin Tin appeared in 27 Hollywood films gaining attention worldwide. His first starring role was in 1923, “Where the North Begins.” The film did so well, it’s said to […]