How it Works

Using Fidomingle.
Commenting, posting, adding reminders


Anyone can comment.  Comments do not need to be approved. Once logged  in,  a comment bar will automatically appear at the bottom of the page, or comment box within the app.

Add any comment in that comment bar, and upload a picture if you’d like.  When replying to another comment, simply click reply.  Comments can be viewed for 30 days and will then be removed.


Any informative posts and announcements for user reference must be reviewed and approved.  Posting is only accessible through the website…  In the top left hand corner dashboard, go to posts. Add new, and don’t forget to give it a title! There you can add media.

Choose a picture and insert into post.  It’s that easy! Your title will show on the Home page. You can always add a quick link to your announcement in a comment bar on any of the pages.

Adding reminders and uploading documents

In your dashboard you will find a link to add reminders.  Give it a title and set the date.  Your reminder will sent to your email at the date and time selected.

In your dashboard you will find a document tab for uploading & tracking documents.

Under documents tab is also an option to add vendors, for easily sending documents to groomers, vet, insurance, etc.  Your vendors need to be added in the website settings, but can be accessible through the app.

Please note… This feature is only for sending, no return address.

Rules & regulations


We do offer discounts for service animals.  Please email proof of service with discount request to (Discount to apply only after approval).

To terminate membership go to Profile, then settings.

For a better user experience download our App.