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About Fidomingle

FidoMingle is the app that every pet lover should have!

With user friendly features to upload, save, AND send records.  Be able to search vet clinics in your area, or connect with other pet lovers like you!!

Add your own images, share ideas, create friendships with in app messaging and more.  Have access to your account on any device, any time, anywhere!!

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Pet lover to pet lover


Comment or add pictures related to topics, alerts, events.


Upload documents (pet records and/or images.


Have your pets records organized and available for any after hours emergency.

What You get

Veterinary Clinics

Search Veterinary Clinics… Local, ahead of destination, or at time of travel.

personal vendors

Add personal vendors (vet clinic, or pet insurance, etc.) used to email documents in a private setting.

email reminder

Access to email reminder tab for emailing reminders to yourself or others (vaccination reminders, picking up pet food, medication reminders, etc.) Reminders sent to email you choose.

Create friendships

Create friendships, message other members for ideas, info or sharing. Pet lover to pet lover.

Post an event!

Pet Related

Got an event post it, I’ll share it for up to 30 days.

You do not need to be a member to post an event.  Events will be held for 30 days or up until close of event on our Activities page, Twitter and Facebook.

Email for approval and publish….

Disclaimer-Please keep in mind, the advice given on this site is not professional advice. But advice given from pet lovers with only the experience of having loved a pet.

Our only purpose is to deliver.

Fidomingle will not be responsible for any emailed documents.  Documents are only to be delivered at members request once they enter recipient address.  Fidomingle is not responsible for any follow up, reviewing, tracking, or receiving of any member email.

For confirmations please enter contact information in notes for recipient. We appreciate you! Enjoy 🙂

Come mob with us!  Follow our activities or start your own.  Let us know what you’re thinking, we’d love to hear from you!

About Fidomingle, and user benefits

Let us know if there’s something we might be interested in… or shouldn’t be.  Something that would benefit our pets, whatever they may be!

Any Events in the area that you would like to share… PLEASE DO! You can find most events posted in Activities.

We LOVE info!

And please keep in mind,  the advice given on this site is not professional advice.  But advice given from pet lovers with only the experience of having loved a pet.

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~ Del